U.S. Spiritans

One Heart. One Spirit.

“The evangelization of the ‘poor’ is our purpose. Therefore we go especially to peoples, groups, and individuals who have not yet heard the message of the Gospel or who have scarcely heard it, to those whose needs are the greatest, and to the oppressed.
We also willingly accept tasks for which the Church has difficulty in finding workers.”(Spiritan Rule of Life, #4)

The U.S. Spiritans

Part of a Roman Catholic religious congregation founded in France in 1703 called the Congregation of the Holy Spirit. Today we have nearly three thousand priests, brothers and  Lay Spiritan Associates.

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With missions in over sixty countries around the world, we are involved in many diverse ministries including education, parish work, and refugee ministry.
In the United States, we dedicate ourselves to working with the poor and marginalized in places where finding ministers is difficult.

Our efforts include education, parish ministry and retreat ministry and chaplaincy work.

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U.S. Spiritans place a great emphasis on education.

We work in six universities, two graduate programs of theological education, and two secondary schools.

At least fifteen Spiritan priests are pursuing full-time graduate studies at American universities.

The headquarters for the Province of the United States, and The Spiritan Center are located at 6230 Brush Run Road in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, just fifteen miles south of Pittsburgh.

Please contact us if you have any questions or want to know more about the Spiritans.