Project Highlights

“Adopted” Seminarians

For the past two years four Spiritan seminarians studying for the priesthood at the St. John Paul II Institute in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have been receiving financial support for their studies from two generous U.S. families. Spiritan formation spans seven years—philosophy (3), and theology (4).

From left: Pierre Kahenga Bin Kamwangaa, Alex Senga Mbuyi, Daniel Comboni Malweno, Joseph Muhoya Mwankasongo

The annual tuition cost to support a seminarian for a year in the DRC ranges from  $650 – $780.

The Spiritan province in the DRC is young, receiving this status just three years ago and thus it lacks the resources to cover all the needs of community life supporting the formation house.

I exhort everyone to live the joy of mission by witnessing to the Gospel in the areas where they live and work,” Pope Francis said. “At the same time, we are called to support with affection, concrete aid and prayer the missionaries who have set off to proclaim Christ to those who still do not know him.” Pope Francis

If you would like to “adopt” a Spiritan seminarian in the DRC, Vietnam, Tanzania, or the Philippines, please contact the Spiritan Office for Mission Advancement.