Project Highlights

Archbishop Joseph Harris, CSSp. in Houston

In July while in Houston to celebrate the ordination of Fr.Paul Thang Hoang, CSSp., Archbishop Joseph Harris, CSSp. stayed at the Spiritan House where he met with confreres and lay volunteers. He is seen here discussing the challenges and joys of teaching, sanctifying and governing the people of the Archdiocese of Trinidad & Tobago, a country whose population is 28% Catholic.

The first Spirtians arrived in the country in 1863 and set about to open St. Mary’s Seminary.

Fr. Harris, who was installed in 2011, is the 10th Archbishop of the nation.

(Pictured L to R: Archbishop Harris, Fr. Michael Begley, CSSp., Fr. Jean-Pascal Lombart, Cssp., Fr. Joe Nguyen, CSSp., Jonathan Sylvester)