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Biography Highlights Many Missions of Fr. Richard Wersing, C.S.Sp.

Fr. Richard Wersing, C.S.Sp.

Fr. Richard F. Wersing, C.S.Sp. [Photo Source: James K. Hanna]

The Many Missions of Father Richard F. Wersing, C.S.Sp.,” James K. Hanna’s biography of Fr. Wersing (1910-2006), was published in the 2015 annual issue of Gathered Fragments, the official publication of the Catholic Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania.

Following is an excerpt from the publication:

“In the years following his 1937 ordination as a Holy Ghost Father, Wilkinsburg (Pennsylvania) native Richard F. Wersing, C.S.Sp., would be known not only as a Roman Catholic priest but also a missionary, street preacher, parish founder, combat chaplain, graduate student, university professor, and archivist.

A man of varied interests, he was a collector of stamps and coins, a voracious reader, poet, theater aficionado, humorist, public speaker, photographer, gardener, and a world traveler who maintained an active social life until his death at age 96 in 2006.

In his nearly seven decades of priesthood, Fr. Wersing served the Church in many of the United States, as well as France, Germany, Korea, Tanzania and elsewhere. For recreation he visited many countries including Ireland, Japan, Algeria, Israel, Morocco, Netherlands, Italy, and Mexico.”

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