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Call to Assist Haiti

HOUSTON, TX (October 13, 2016)

This message and photographs were received today  from Fr. Jean Patrick Eugene, CSSp.

“I’m back in Port-au-Prince, from Ducis. My countryside is devastated. I feel bad and I have a terrible headache. After celebrating mass, I’ve visited the sites that are damaged:

They include the rectory, primary school, the national primary school, and the sisters’ house.


assist haiti

The situation is very bad. There is no communication, potable water. Almost all houses lose their roofs. The population loses (sic) everything, there no word (sic) to explane (sic) the situation.

People have a lot of needs. For the moment, they need food and water and things to protect them when it’s raining because the houses don’t have roofs.

They are concerned about paying school for they kid because of their lost (sic).

We know that my people will suffer. I count on you to help us”.

If you can help with their needs please donate on our page, or make your check payable to

The Spiritan Foundation

Mail: Spiritan Office for Mission Advancement

1700 West Alabama St.

Houston, TX 77098


Thank you!