Spiritan History

The Clementine Orange

Brother Marie-Clement CSSp., (1839-1904), also known as Vital Rodier, was a Spiritan who developed a species of mandarin that became known as the Clementine fruit. A native of Malveille, France, Clement was a member of the Brothers of the Annunciation at Misserghin in Algeria, which ran an orphanage and an agricultural estate with famous nurseries. Clement, who worked among the vines and citrus trees, made grafts from an uncultivated tree that had grown among the thorn bushes on the Order’s grounds, resulting in creating Clementine trees. Clement became a Spiritan after the Brothers of the Annunciation were authorized to join the Congregation of the Holy Spirit in 1903.

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Clementine Sorbet

By: Anders@icecreamnation.org

A super simple-to-make, fresh and uplifting fruit sorbet, courtesy of the Clementine; member of the mandarin orange family

•300 ml (about 1.3 cups) pure clementine juice of good quality
•About 300 ml simple sugar syrup (about 1.3 cups; made up of a mixture of 50% water and 50 % sugar)
•Juice of 1 lemon

1.Prepare the simple sugar syrup (dissolve the sugar completely, either by cooking/warming the water+sugar and letting it cool down, or by shaking/whisking the blend thoroughly).
2.Mix equal parts of the clementine juice and the sugar syrup.
3.Check the sugar-balance (either with specialised tool or by using the handy Egg-test), possibly adjusting it by adding more juice (if too sweet) or more sugar syrup (if more sweetness is required).
4.Add the juice of about 1 lemon to offset a too sweet overall flavour-sensation.