Discovering the Spiritans

Discovering the Spiritans’ World

Duquesne Neighborhood Spring Cleanup 2016

Sponsored by Duquesne University Campus Ministry, in collaboration with on campus and community partners.
Spring Cleanup helps to strengthen Duquesne’s long standing relationship with the local community.


Fr. Claude Tassin, CSSp.

fr. claude tassin Discovering The Spiritans

Theologian, Author, Composer

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Spiritans Bridge Cultures in Houston

Brother Marie-Clement Rodier CSSp & the Clementine Orange

Clementine Oranges - Discovering The Spiritans
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Fr. Joe Nguyen CSSp, Newman Center, University of Houston

Fr. Vince Stegman CSSp, Feeding the Poor

Duquesne University

Sao Paulo Favelas

Spiritans in Vietnam

 Focus on the works of the Spiritan Office of Mission Advancement (SOMA)



A short history of how St-Basil Coffee came about.
How it is linked to the Spiritans