Duquesne University

Duquesne Climate Change Conference

PITTSBURGH, PA – September 18, 2015

Duquesne UniversityThe President of Duquesne University of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Charles J. Dougherty, Ph.D. has commissioned an annual academic conference on the Integrity of Creation. The conference is scheduled for Wednesday 30th September through Friday 2nd October 2015.

The theme for 2015 is Integrity of Creation – Climate Change. The conference will be interdisciplinary, engaging scholars and participants on the “su Laudato Sibstantive and worrying” change in weather patterns. Scholarly debates and discussions will assist participants to comprehend the complexity of the debate on climate change and to develop individual and community response towards developing what Pope Francis called “an integral ecology,” in Laudato Si’.

Information and registration: Integrity of Creation – Climate Change.