Spiritan Education


U.S. Spiritans privilege education as a means to enliven youthful minds with the Holy Spirit and knowledge. Spiritan fathers and brothers work in six universities, two graduate programs of theological studies, and two secondary schools. At least fifteen Spiritan priests are pursuing full-time graduate studies at American universities.

The Spiritans work to answer the call for truth by ensuring education for students from all backgrounds. U.S. Spiritans contribute to educational administration, campus ministry and chaplaincy, counseling, and teaching at the following universities:

At Catholic Theological Union in Chicago Spiritan professors and scholars contribute in the fields of moral theology, biblical studies, and missiology.











Secondary education is our focus of the apostolate at Notre Dame Preparatory High School in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Holy Ghost Preparatory School for boys in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Founded by the Spiritans in 1897, Holy Ghost Prep has garnered awards for academic excellence, athletics, and curricular programs.

The Heartbeat of Spiritan Education in US

7 Core Components of Spiritan Education

Openness to the Spirit

Sense of Community

Concern for the Poor

Global Vision

Commitment to Service

High Academic Standards

Personal Development