Evangelization, Justice, and Peace

Evangelization, Justice, and Peace

Spiritans are committed to respectful evangelization. Through education and community service, we endeavor to help the oppressed and disadvantaged overcome the problems that make each day a struggle. From our witness and service, we hope to introduce people to the Holy Gospel and God’s love for them.

Evang3.1.2-Spiritans-in-Ethiopia-2-630x420-300x200_RWKedelization, as the living incarnation of the Word of God, must meet modern challenges by:

  • Recognizing the great diversity of missionary activity required;
  • Utilizing new methods and make new partners;
  • Entering different cultures to reach the hearts of the people; and
  • Animating a new life, which leads people towards the Father.

Spiritans are committed to the renewal of evangelization in a healthy and respectful manner by going to meet other people and religions without seeking to dominate them. We must first—through education and community service—help the oppressed and disadvantaged overcome the problems that make each day a struggle. This service becomes our witness to God’s love for the poor.

Spiritans participate in a wide range of advocacy groups that seek to foster the important goals of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation.  These groups include the Africa, Faith and Justice Network (AFJN), Conference of Major Superiors of Men JPIC Committee, Vivat International, and the USCMA Mission Committee.  You will find below links to the recent publications of these groups.

JPIC Newsletters and Alerts



Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Resources


The new papal encyclical Laudato Si’ is a signature piece of Pope Francis’ pontificate.  A topic of significant discussion at the recent Spiritan General Assembly in Pittsburgh, it is highly recommended reading for prayer and reflection as Catholics seek to deepen our reverence and respect for the world in which we live. Click here to order a copy from USCCB or to download an easy to read PDF version online.



Cherish All of Creation

The National Assembly of CMSM overwhelmingly passed a resolution called “Cherish all of Creation” this August. We look forward to living this out with our members.  We encourage each community to arrange a discussion about how to implement this transformative resolution.

Here are some resources:
1. Sign the Catholic Global Petition here.

2.  Article: “Pope’s climate push at odds with U.S. Catholic oil investments”

“You now have this clash between Pope Francis’ vision of the world, and the world that the bishops who run the investments live in,” said Father Michael Crosby, a Capuchin friar in Milwaukee who advocates socially responsible investing in the church.

3.  Daily Reflections by Al Fritsch, SJ

4.  Music Video by Al Mascia, Franciscan Friar

5.  Laudato Si’ Study Guide by Columbans

6.  Article on CEO’s and Laudato Si’ by Seamus Finn, OMI