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Famine in East Pokot, Kenya

Food Relief for New Mothers & Children
Barpello Catholic Mission, East Pokot, Kenya

Coordinator: Fr. David Conway, CSSp
Cost: $5,000


East Pokot is regularly prone to drought and famine, most people are illiterate which adds to the difficulty of development and sustaining addressing basic needs. The infrastructure is severely underdeveloped, the climate is harsh and the mortality rate is high. Water borne diseases are common.

Food is very scarce in East Pokot especially the young children. Uni-Mix, which the mission grinds, and provides necessary dietary iron, is being distributed through mobile clinics. The Uni-Mix is given to the under-fives who come to the rural clinics of the East Pokot Medical Project. At the same clinics, mothers who come for ante natal treatment, also receive the Uni-Mix.

Additionally Primary School enrolment is dropping on a daily basis. Primary schools provide a meal of maize & beans each day. At the moment primary schools have no food. This is a direct result of the shortage of food available also due to the fact of unrest between the Pokot and warring neighbors.


Immediate supplemental food program will serve 198 post-natal women and 670 children who reside in the 11 villages served by the mobile medical clinics.


East Pokot Progress Report