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For the Spiritans, the journey into the future is not a guided tour, but rather an around-the-world adventure. On this adventure, the Holy Spirit is in charge, and the needs of the people on the side of the road determine the stops we make. We go where the Spirit leads us.

Is there something more in life for you?

1134_VIETNAM. Ho Chi Minh City. Messe et dédication à l'Esprit SaintIf you are looking for a sense of direction and purpose in your life, the Spiritans have been proclaiming the Good News and serving those in need for more than 300 years. Spiritans are called to serve others in a mission of dedicating our labor and our lives to God. Come, join us, and give your life a new direction!

“It is a journey worth making. By walking together as sisters and brothers in Christ, I believe that we bring enrichment to each other. It is not our institute that matters but the reign of God. To establish it, it is worth replying positively to each sign of the times, to each initiative of the Spirit. And could not the strongest sign of our times be precisely this journey undertaken with one another?” Frans Wijnen, CSSp

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We invite you to join the mission of the Spirit.

The Spiritans are a religious community of priests, brothers, and lay Spiritan associates with over 300 years experience of proclaiming the Gospel and serving the People of God.  We are an international missionary
1107_TAÏWAN. Nalo. Ecole primaire de la paroisse (2) congregation working today in over 60 countries on every major continent around the world.  Evangelization is our primary purpose and our ministry is directed predominantly towards the disadvantaged and marginalized in contemporary society.  Our works include pastoral work, education, refugee ministry and social-economic development.  We have a special preference for the poor and projects for which the Church has difficulty finding apostolic workers.  We are an international and multi-cultural community dedicated to the Spirit and join in the universal mission of the Church in proclaiming the Good News to the ends of the earth.

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We invite you in one heart and one Spirit to join us in the challenge of sharing mission and ministry to others. Maybe you’ll find what others have found, a greater purpose and direction in life by serving God’s people in community with the Spirit!

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For more guidance, read the Voices of Spiritans or examine the Spiritan Formation process.

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Michael-Suazo 2018Bro. Michael E. Suazo, CSSp, Vocation Director
Holy Spirit Provincialate
6230 Brush Run Road
Bethel Park, PA 15102-2214