Listening to God’s Call

Become a Spiritan

Our Congregation goes where the Spirit leads us. What adventure lies ahead for you? The way to find out if you have a religious vocation with the Spiritans begins with conversation, opportunities to meet  our community, and periods of reflection. If then we both feel that becoming a Spiritan is the life you may be called to live, we invite you to listen to the Spiirt and discern if you are being called.

How do you know
if you are called to be a Spiritan?

“Listen to the spirit
speaking within you and through the Church. It’s the spirit who enkindles your passion for service and for relationship with God in love.” — Fr. Don Nesti, CSSp, Director of the Center for Faith and Culture, University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas

“A good way to discern if this is the vocation for you is to find your gifts, put them into the hands of God, and see where God leads you.” — Bro. Michael E, Suazo, CSSp, Spiritan Center Vocation Director in Bethel Park, PA.

Meet the Spiritans to learn more about our mission and life and find out if God is calling you to the Spiritan life.

Discernment at Duquesne University – The Gift of the Church

What is the Process for Becoming a Spiritan?

The pathway to becoming a Spiritan is one of study, prayer, and service. It is a formation process,  Congregation of the Holy Spirit Formation Process (PDF), that begins with inquiry and discernment. For more information, please contact the vocation director:

For information about joining the Spiritans:

Complete and mail:  Inquirer Form

Or contact:

Michael-Suazo-2015---RDBro. Michael E. Suazo, CSSp, Vocation Director
Holy Spirit Provincialate
6230 Brush Run Road
Bethel Park, PA 15102-2214