GhanaThe Spiritan mission in Ghana was started in 1971 by a group of Irish Spiritans who left Nigeria after the civil war. With more than forty years of Spiritan mission, Province of Ghana continues to flourish with more than 100 members working both at home and abroad.

Ghana is a democratic constitutional republic divided into ten administrative regions, with a multiethnic population of around 24 million as of 2010.  Fourteen percent of the population is estimated to be Catholic.  Located along the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean, in West Africa, Ghana has a land mass of 238,535 km2, with 2,093 kilometres of international land borders.  Its varied geography includes savannas, woodlands, forests, a coastal line, springs, cave systems, mountains, estuaries, wildlife parks, and nature reserves. The coast of Ghana, which is comprised mainly of sandy beaches, stretches 350 miles and includes a rich assortment of culturally significant castles, forts, ports and harbors 0466_GHANA. Kumasi. A la paroisse de Trede, avec le P. Francis Korsah

In Ghana, Spiritans are ministering in twelve parishes in nine of the eighteen dioceses.  Many of the parishes are in a situation of primary evangelization in rural and deprived areas.  The Province gives attention to basic and primary education in all of its twelve parishes.  The Spiritan Technical Vocational School in Adankwame, the Computer school in Kumasi, and the Libermann Senior High School are all examples of the Spiritan commitment to evangelization through education.

Thirty-five Spiritans from Ghana are on mission outside their home country in fifteen different countries including the United States.