taiwanTaiwan is an island off the coast of Southern China, with 23 millions inhabitants on 36,000 sqk, for a density of 638 per sqk. Catholics are about 1% and protestants 1,5%, Taoism is the religion of most Taiwanese, while Buddhists number about 4.9 million. Evangelisation started in 1850 from Philippines and south China. Taiwan’s independent status is not recognized by China or by the United Nations, but it is a multiparty democracy with a strong economy. The GNP per habitants is about USD 20,000 per year. The capital city of Taiwan is Taipei.

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The Spiritans began their mission in Taiwan in 1997, with 4 confreres from Ireland, Sierra-Leone and France. They started by learning Mandarin Chinese for two years, and then took responsibility for Holy Spirit Parish in Hsinchu City, for youth and campus ministry, migrant ministry with the Filipinos, prison chaplaincy and work with marginalized youth. They now have 4 parishes in two dioceses. They developed contacts with China over the years, and with Vietnam. They have a program to sponsor the studies of poor children in Vietnam ( www.bythewell.org) help set up the Spiritan mission in Vietnam. They also have a program of International Volunteer Students from Taiwan to Tanzania and Sierra-Leone ( www.taiwanafricaservice.org ). The Spiritans in Taiwan form one Circumscription with Vietnam, and also collaborate with Philippines, Australia/Papua New Guinea and India.

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Joseph OKORO (Nigeria) is the superior of the Spiritains in Taiwan. He also serves as Parish Priest in St John and prison visitor. Binh QUACH (USA) is the Parish Priest at Holy Spirit Parish in addition to serving as Vicar General in Hsinchu Diocese.  He works a lot for lay formation.  Simon NGUYEN (USA) is assistant parish priest at Holy Spirit. He ministers to the Filipinos and Vietnamese migrant workers.  Isaac DONKOR (Ghana) is Parish Priest of Chupei.  Cyr NTADI (Congo Brazzaville) is assistant parish priest at St John.  One of the founders of the mission to Asian in 1997, Sean O’LEARY (Ireland) has recently returned to Taiwan and was installed as Parish Priest in a parish in the diocese of Taichung.   Duc LUONG (USA) has been appointed to Manila to serve as formator of the Second Cycle community there. Justin Nnaemeka ONYEUKAZIRI (Nigeria) is learning Chinese in preparation for ministry in Taiwan. Francis Amanze EKE (Nigeria) is preparing to take his missionary appointment to Taiwan.  Victor SILVA created and developed the Spiritans’ website at  www.bythewell.org.