Maasai Cricketeers Against Poaching

MT. KENYA, Kenya
June 14, 2015
Members of the Maasai Cricket Warriors, a cricket team famed for using the sport to raise awareness for HIV/Aids, women’s issues and the devastating effects of poaching, pose with ‘Sudan’ the last male of his sub-species on the planet at the ol-Pejeta conservancy situated at the foot of Mount Kenya approximately 300 kilometres north of Nairobi. In the wake of Kenya’s bloodiest week – losing seven rhinos across the country – the group of Maasai Cricketeers came together to raise awareness of rhino conservation by taking part in a charity tournament dubbed the ‘Last Male Standing’. Since 2007 there has been a 10,000% increase in poaching in South Africa alone, according to a report and Sudan is the last male of five nothern-white rhinos remaining on the planet