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Our Man in the Favelas of Sao Paulo

HOUSTON, TX  November 17, 2016

Fr. Pat Clark, CSSp. left his home country of Ireland in 1976 to minister in Brazil where he remains 40 years later. Asked what his overall objective has been, he responded, “to meet people, be present to them, to perhaps plant a seed, and to share something that I believe is worth sharing and that people want to listen to”.

father-pat-clarke-at-the-retreat-centre Sao Paulo

His primary work involves collaborating with residents of the Favela de Vila Prudente  in Sao Paulo in activities to involve youth providing alternatives to following a life of addiction, unemployment or crime.

He was recently in Houston where he updated his confreres Fr. Michael Begley, CSSp. and Fr. Mike Grey, CSSp. with the challenges and successes he encounters in his ministry.

fr-pat-clark-cssp-2 Sao Paulo

Fr. Mike Grey, CSSp., Fr. Pat Clark, CSSp., Fr. Michael Begley, CSSp.

One of his stops in Houston was to St. John Vianney Catholic Church where he spoke to a prayer group, con-celebrated Mass for the Brazilian diaspora of the city, and delivered a presentation on his work in Sao Paulo.

His hope is that he will engage people to travel to Sao Paulo to witness first hand the universe in which those he serves live.

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