Project Highlights

Minibus for Novitiate

Minibus procured for newly established novitiate in Aliade, Benue State, Nigeria

January 2019: A year ago the Holy Ghost Novitiate applied for a grant to meet the following challenge as described by its director, Fr. Agbo Boniface, C.S.Sp.:

“Currently we have no reliable means of transportation that can enable us to operate effectively as a newly established novitiate, and sadly, too, our economic disadvantage has not allowed us to afford one. We often have to resort to public transport, which is quite unreliable most of the times, when we have events that require the participation of all of our novices as a group, We, therefore, need to have our own mini bus that can accommodate them all in order to travel with more convenience”.

Happily, through generous donations from friends of the Spiritans, SOMA was able to fulfill that need.