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Newly Appointed U.S. Provincial Council Meets for Planning Session

Council Members

U.S. Council Members (from left to right): Fr. Francis Tandoh; Fr. Bill Christy; Fr. Martin Vu; Fr. Jeff Duaime; Dr. Anne Marie Hansen, Lay Spiritan; Fr. Dan Walsh; Fr. Mike Onwuemelie.

The newly appointed U.S. Provincial Council met the week of August 6, 2018, for a planning session in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania.

Energized by the very positive spirit experienced during the Provincial Chapter in June, they committed their service as Council to continuing that spirit in the animation of the U.S. Province.

Provincial Councilors are appointed by the Provincial and serve a three-year mandate. Upon his re-election as Provincial at the Chapter in June and in consultation with Chapter delegates, Fr. Jeffrey Duaime, C.S.Sp. selected the following Councilors: Fr. Bill Christy, C.S.Sp., Fr. Mike Onwuemelie, C.S.Sp., Fr. Francis Tandoh, C.S.Sp., and Fr. Martin Vu, C.S.Sp.

Additionally, based on the recommendation of the Chapter, Lay Spiritan Dr. Anne Marie Hansen was selected to serve as part of this leadership team.

One of the first decisions of the Council was the appointment of Fr. Dan Walsh, C.S.Sp., as the Provincial Bursar and Fr. John Sawicki, C.S.Sp., as the Manager of Provincial Investments.

Fr. Christy was appointed First Assistant and Fr. Onwuemelie was appointed Second Assistant. The various responsibilities of each Councilor are available on the Leadership page of the U.S. Province website.

It was a productive and fulfilling three days as this enthusiastic new leadership team gathered to reflect on the direction of the province, and we humbly ask for your prayers for them as they guide our province through the next three years.