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Rectory Opening at Endulen Parish


July 2015

The Spiritan pastor, Fr. Albano Alois, C.S.Sp., other Spiritans led by Fr. Amandus Kapele, C.S.Sp., Tanzanian Provincial, and the bishop of Arusha Diocese, Fr. Josaphat Louis LeBulu, recently blessed and opened the new Endulen Parish Rectory.

Endulen is a small village in the middle of the Ngorongoro national park  – the  so called “Ngorongoro Conservation Area” – which is located in the north of Tanzania. It is completely cut off from civilization, and devoid of technological infrastructure . The natives of the Maasai tribe live in perfect harmony with nature and the African wildlife. Endulen is neither connected to any road system nor to the power grid or water supply.

The project consisted of demolition of an out-dated, unsafe structure

Endulen Parish_House2


and the construction of a more suitable to house the priests and provide  counseling / basic triage medical assistance to parishioners.




The project duration was approximately 16 months. Funding was provided by a series of individual donors working with The Spiritan Office for Mission Development (SOMA) and through the offices of CESS Belgium.