Rehabilitation & Treatment Centre

HOUSTON, TX —June 24, 2016

St. Martin’s Rehabilitation & Treatment Centre

Muranga (Nairobi), Kenya

Alcohol & Drug Addiction Facility


Project: Expansion and purchase of equipment for centre kitchen

Project Coordinator: George Irungu

Project cost: $6,000

Once an addict himself, George Irungu’s life was turned around by Fr. Martin Keane, CSSp., who has worked in Kenya for many years. After achieving some financial success George wanted to repay Fr. Keane’s care and counseling which led to the founding of St. Martin’s Rehabilitation & Treatment Centre, serving men and women addicted to drugs or alcohol. With an expanded kitchen the centre will provide the ability to serve the nutritional needs of the client base.

The centre serves 30 clients and has a staff of 6 permanent and 3 on-call members to serve them. The treatment for alcohol spans 90 days and the program for drug addiction is 6 months.

Unemployment in Kenya is 40% and, young men in particular, gravitate to addiction due to poor job prospects, peer pressure, depression and superstition.

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St Martins Kenya