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Spiritan Anniversaries – April 14th

April 14th – This day in Spiritan Anniversaries

C.S.Sp. 1778: Departure from Le Havre for Cayenne (Guyane) of MM. Bertout (the future restorer of the Congregation) and de Clicourt, but they are ship-wrecked off the coast of Senegal (near St. Louis) on July 13th. As a result of this “accident”, St. Louis is confided to the Spiritans shortly afterwards.

Gambia 1850: Arrival of the Sisters of the immaculate Conception (alias the Blue Sisters of Castres) at Our Lady of Gambia.

C.S.Sp. 1851: François Libermann begins to write his “Instructions to Missionaries”.

Brazil SE 1986: A group of Poor Clare sisters moves into the District house for three years on their arrival from the island of Madeira in order to prepare for a new foundation in the diocese of Nova Igua”u.