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Spiritan Anniversaries

ROME, Italy
June 29, 2015

1908: As a result of the Constitution “Sapiens Consilio” of Pius X, the Congregation will depend henceforth on the Congregation for Religious for its religious life and on the Propaganda Fide for every-thing concerning its mission.

1917 Canada: The first successes in the baccalauréat. The Archbishop of Ottawa gives the tonsure to five scholastics.

1924 Nigeria: Bishop Shanahan founds the first Seminary in Southern Nigeria in the town of Igbarian. In 1951 this Seminary took the name of the Bigard Me-morial Seminary after Jeanne Bigard and her mother, Stephanie, who together founded the society of St. Peter the Apostle. This Seminary will be run by Spiritans until 1970.

1977 Angola: The Angolan Province is created.