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Spiritan Formation House in Manila Moving Forward!!

MANILA – PHILIPPINES – October 28, 2015 Manile House Demo (1)

After years of planning for the new Spiritan Formation Residence in Manila, workers began the preparation for the demolition of the old small wooden structure in order to begin the construction of the new
formation house!! Whew, it’s been a long time coming!! First they are cleaning the land and removing everything from the house that is salvageable.  Next, they will knock down the remaining building and remove it.  Any day now, we are supposed to receive the official building permit for the new residence!! 

dinner in our house with semsThe dismantling of the old house is bitter sweet! After everything that can be sold or reused is removed, the house will be ready to be torn down. For those of you who’ve visited the former formation house, these pictures will be a bit of a shock! Our cozy little home is almost gone, but the memories and gratitude for so many blessings will always remain!

Students Manila Philippines 4-14All the blessings and joy of the early Spiritan years in Metro Manila remain always!! On the ruins of this house will rise our new formation residence! May God bless us all!!  And as always, thanks to all our faithful friends who are and have been so supportive of this daunting project! We still have a long way to go…lots to build…lots of fundraising to still do…but it’s great having all of you for company on this adventure!! Please do keep us in your prayers!! You are in ours!! May God bless us all!!

Manila House Demo D SormaniWritten and submitted by Fr. Daniel Sormani, C.S.Sp. Rector of the Spiritan Formation Community in Manila