Spiritan House Generator

Spirtian House, Arusha, Tanzania

The mission of the Spiritan House in Arusha is to provide accommodation for religious, missionaries, lay persons and priests during their time in Arusha and also to create some small income charging Spiritans $10 per night.

Non-Spiritans priests and lay people who are traveling and are passing through Arusha are welcome to spend the night for $20. Their presence is considered a blessing to the Congregation and they are considered part of the Spiritan family.

The house is dependent on electricity to pump water for cooking and operating toilets and showers. The power is frequently shut down from the area’s electrical grid leaving the house in darkness and without basic sanitary needs. While the long-term desire is to install a solar powered system, the immediate need is for a generator to deliver the power to operate the functions mentioned above

Electrical Generator
Cost: $2,000
Coordinator: Fr. Casmir Nyaki, CSSp

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