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Spiritan Major Superiors of UCNAC Hold Annual Meeting in Tanlajas, Mexico

UCNAC 2018

Front row, from left: Fr. Jeffrey Duaime, C.S.Sp. (USA), Fr. Paul Ahiaba, C.S.Sp. (Mexico), Fr. Jean-Moise Exantus, C.S.Sp. (Mauritius), Fr. John Fogarty, C.S.Sp. (Rome), Fr. Orlando Camacho, C.S.Sp. (Puerto Rico), Fr. Francis Folleh, C.S.Sp. (TransCanada). Back row: Fr. Paul McAuley, C.S.Sp. (TransCanada), Fr. Augustin Kasongo, C.S.Sp. (Canada), Fr. Renold Arisme, C.S.Sp. (Haiti), Fr. Don McEachin, C.S.Sp. (Dominican Republic), Fr. Maurice Shortall, C.S.Sp. (Rome).

The Spiritan Major Superiors who form the Union of Circumscriptions for North America and the Caribbean (UCNAC) met from January 21 to January 26, 2018 in Tanlajas, Mexico as part of their annual regional meeting of Spiritan leaders from the Caribbean and North America.

Spiritan Mission in Tanlajas

Spiritan Mission in Tanlajas

In addition to reports from the Superior General and the General Council and each of the circumscriptions represented at the meeting, the agenda included a discussion on collaboration in initial formation throughout the Union, initial preparations for the General Chapter in 2020, a review of the statutes for UCNAC and the future of the UCNAC Secretariat.

The group also received an update on the collaborative mission project of the Union in the Dominican Republic.

UCNACThe participants in the meeting included representatives from both provinces in Canada, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Martinique, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Generalate in Rome, and the United States. The meeting took place over four days at the Spiritan mission in Tanlajas located the San Luis Potosí district in central Mexico. The group also had the opportunity to visit the Spiritan missions in El Pujal, San Antonio, Coxcatlan, and Tampico.