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The Holy Spirit guides our spiritual lives and shows the way to experience the divine in every moment of life from the extraordinary to the commonplace. The Venerable Francis Libermann’s direction to turn our lives over to God is just as vital and appealing for us today as it was to the Spiritans who carried the Good News throughout the world.

You can support us in many ways:

  • Donate financially to the Spiritans to help support our missions, retirees, seminaries, schools, and other ministries.
  • Join us and be part of the Spiritan mission!!  Consider a vocation and turn your life over to God by joining the Congregation.
  • Follow the call to become a Lay Spiritan Associates and serve with us by sharing your expertise in education, counseling, ministry, technology, health care, aviation, engineering, or other works—in a range of locations.
  • Serve overseas in international ministries, as a vowed Spiritan or as a Lay Spiritan Associate.
  • Consider your future and the future of the Spiritan mission by learning about planned giving.
  • Contribute your time as a volunteer to the Spiritan Center, in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, the Spiritan Office of Mission Advancement in Houston, Texas, or in one of our locations around the United States and the world.
  • Learn more about the Spiritan Office for Mission Advancement and how you can be part of supporting the Spiritan mission.