Novena to The Holy Spirit

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 Gregorian Chants

Lucien Deiss

Father Lucien Deiss, C.S.Sp. was a pastor, liturgist, author, lecturer, Scripture scholar and composer. A member of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, he was heavily involved in the liturgical reform of the Lectionary during Vatican II and was a member of the Concilium on Liturgy.

He was a specialist in biblical exegesis and he formerly occupied the Chair of Sacred Scripture and Dogmatic Theology at the Grand Scholasticat des Peres du Saint-Esprit in Paris. Father Deiss served as a member of the Committee for the French Ecumenical Bible and was formerly liturgical editor of the magazine Assemblee Novelle.

As a missionary priest, he gave retreats and worked with the poor in several nations of the world, including Africa, Haiti and Taiwan, for many years. Father Deiss passed away on October 9, 2007 at age 86.

Ave Maria

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