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Toilets are Serious Business

SULTAN HAMUD, KENYA — April 7, 2016

Without toilets, infectious diseases put the lives of the world’s poorest children more at risk. Good sanitation is essential to ensure strong health in every community. (UNICEF)

A small amount of money can make a major impact. A case in point is the Holy Spirit Secondary School  in Kenya where 8 pit latrines were fabricated to service the needs of the student population and administrators.

Sultan Hamud Secondary School 3 sanitation Toilets

These boys aren’t leveling the ground for a sports field or smoothing a path for vehicles. They are in fact creating the foundation for what will be 8 pit latrines.

The students provided in-kind funding while a local businessman made a small contribution. The majority funding originated from St. Basil Coffee based in Houston. The total project cost was $8,000.


20160405_094654 sanitation Toilets

Pictured is the completed facility.

What we take for granted in our day to day lives such as adequate sanitation is only a dream for many in developing countries.


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