Projects We Have Funded

Upgrading Classroom Teaching Appliances – New Whiteboards

Spiritan Missionary Seminary, Njiro, Tanzania:

Coordinator: Fr. Casmir L. Nyaki, CSSp,
Cost: $2,000
Donor: St. Basil Coffee Initiative

The purpose of the project was to upgrade the old Academic Institute to meet the modern standards for efficiency and effective teaching. The old blackboards and the chalks create too much dust, and most of the time the writing on them is not clearly visible In addition only one type of chalk is mainly available, hard white chalks.

The Institute of Philosophy and Education Department will be the primary beneficiaries. Others benefiting include the people in East Africa who come to the Institute for Academic and formation meetings, for seminars, symposiums, and workshops.

At the moment, Spiritan Missionary Seminary is affliated the Catholic University of Eastern Africa Students graduate in BA in Philosophy and Social Sciences from the University. They also earn a Diploma in Philosophy and Religious studies from the Seminary.