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Water Harvesting Medical Dispensary, East Pokot, Kenya

East Pokot, Kenya

The Tangulbei area is characterized by erratic rainfall, and a general scarcity of water. The Dispensary, which is being renovated, has a leaking tank constructed 15 years ago which causes a significant amount of water to go into the ground. The staff are often forced to rely on vendors to purchase water which is often not suitable for consumption and medical sanitation. This water project calls for repairing the existing structures, erecting gutters and drainage, installing of a water pumping system, purchasing 16,000 and 5,000 litre plastic tanks, and constructing of an overhead steel structure to accommodate the 5,000 litre tank.

The Dispensary staff serve the primary medical needs of approximately 6,000 people annually. With a safe, secure catchment system in place, basic health needs can be met by all those treated at the clinic, as well as for the care givers.

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Cost: $12,400