What We Do

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“The evangelization of the ‘poor’ is our purpose. Therefore we go especially to peoples, groups, and individuals who have not yet heard the message of the Gospel or who have scarcely heard it, to those whose needs are the greatest, and to the oppressed. We also willingly accept tasks for which the Church has difficulty in finding workers.” (Spiritan Rule of Life, #4)


mappemonde_glass_ParisVe_1_920Walking in the footsteps of our founders, des Places and Libermann, Spiritans are living the Gospel in response to the changing needs of contemporary culture and building community in parts of the world that are often neglected.  For more than 300 years, Spiritans work in more than 60 countries around the world proclaiming the Good News .

From working in international refugee camps to inner city parishes, from teaching in schools around the world to providing a home for orphans in France, England, Brazil, Angola, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, etc., Spiritans are about the business of proclaiming the reign of God with their lives and through their works.

In the United States, we dedicate ourselves to working with the poor and marginalized in places where finding ministers is difficult. Our efforts include education, parish ministry, and retreat ministry in communities from Rhode Island to California.  U.S. Spiritans place a great emphasis on education. We work in four universities, two graduate programs of theological education, two secondary schools and several chaplancies.

In the twenty-first century, our group of priests, brothers and associates is known as the Spiritans.  We bring our enthusiasm and commitment to champion the disadvantaged and marginalized in our own communities and around the world.

For three centuries, Spiritans have embraced a mission of hope and presence:

  • Evangelization of those who have not heard the Gospel message;
  • Advocacy of refugees and immigrants;
  • Youth education and socialization;
  • Ministry in areas where the Church struggles to find workers; and
  • Promotion of justice and peace for the oppressed.

3Read more about the Spiritan work reaching over five continents and more than sixty countries.  Our ministries in the United States include the following concentrations:


Spiritan international ministries minister to the following continents: